The Leaf Blues!

By waiting too long it presents many problems for the home owner. It increases the prices on leaf cleanup, may cost in gutter cleaning, and can possibly provide some problems on water drainage against your home. These things may seem little at the the beginning, but again it can WORSEN! 

I’ve decided to start writing for my customers to be informed, and understand some challenges faced by  each job. Leaf Season is upon us and no homeowner wants to tackle this job (I personally haven’t even done my own yard at this time.).  One thing you can count on is if you wait, THE LEAVES WILL WORSEN. 

Be careful not to wait for an extended time in the future. Be open to having someone come and keep the leaves removed a few times during the season. Allow yearly maintenance, because it can save you money throughout the fall/winter. There may not be leaves in spring that fall, but FALL will return and you should be covered. 

I hope you enjoyed reading my first post ever to you wonderful people! Thank you for trusting in me and being part of my journey! The beginning is always tough, but there is always area for growth and improvement! I appreciate you, because you are like family (even better than some of them 😁). With love and kindness I will continue to be there for you all as promised! May God Bless each of you, and I will see you soon!